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Developing solutions to drive efficiency and productivity

Leveraging business intelligence to tackle multi-dimensional challenges

Creating technology solutions to positively impact colleagues and customers

Disrupting travel industry through technological innovation

Jet2 Travel Technologies

Jet2 Travel Technologies Private Limited (J2TT) provides Information Technology (IT) services to and Jet2holidays. J2TT works alongside the existing UK-based IT teams.

J2TT develops and maintains business critical applications for and Jet2holidays. Our sole objective is to provide IT solutions that assist the whole company in its strategy to deliver innovative, industry-leading products with scale, experience, competitiveness and a customer-focused approach.

What we do...

Dataction Analytics Pvt Ltd. has set up J2TT as the Virtual Captive Center for and Jet2holidays. J2TT’s board of directors includes representatives from Dataction and and Jet2holidays to make sure that global vision meets local execution to deliver success.

We’re constantly on the lookout for people with strong technical skills and global aspirations to join our rapidly growing team.

  • Building websites and apps
    that enhance's and Jet2holidays' customer experience
  • Building a business intelligence ecosystem
    that provides tangible solutions to a wide range of business challenges
  • Building business applications
    that drive efficiencies and productivity
  • Building technology platforms
    that are nimble enough to respond to the rapidly changing business environments
  • Building revenue and margin optimisation applications
    for tangible business impact
  • Ideate and build new solutions
    that provide a competitive edge

About & Jet2holidays

Jet2 Aeroplanes on runway and Jet2holidays are the UK’s third-largest airline and second-largest tour operator, respectively. They are subsidiaries of the Dart Group PLC, with a success story that stretches back over 40 years! and Jet2holidays have consistently being rated among the best Global Leisure Travel businesses. TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travellers’ Choice Awards also included in its Top 10 Airlines – World category.

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Growth story and financial strength

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At the end of 31 March 2018, Dart Group PLC generated over £2.3 billion in revenue (with £2.2 billion coming from the Leisure Travel business).

This improved by £600 million compared to the year-end 31 March 2017, which was primarily driven by the Leisure Travel business. By 31 March 2018, the business reported an operating profit of £130.6 million, representing average growth of 28% per annum over the past five years.

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Taking people on holiday

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The flights-only product was enjoyed by 5.37m passengers to the year-end 31 March 2018, which created a growth of 48% year on year. Demand for Real Package Holidays™ continues to grow, as Jet2holidays took 2.50m customers on package holidays last financial year, which showed a year-on-year increase of 45%.

During the year, also flew a total of 10.38m flights-only and package holiday passengers (including one-way passenger sectors), primarily to and from sun, city and ski destinations, which resulted in an increase of 46% year on year.

Our amazing growth story


J2TT's headquarters are in Pune, India and we work closely with our and Jet2holidays IT colleagues based around Leeds and Sheffield in the UK.

Pune Office Pune
Leeds Office Leeds
Sheffield Office Sheffield